Dignity Network

Social Microcredit Program

Social Microcredit Program

Furthering the development of programs related to our project dignitynetwork.org, we implemented a micro social credit system for the benefit of workers involved in our programs assisting former prisoners.

Our microcredit loan offers between 5,000 and 10,000 baht repayable in 6 months with a low interest rate of a maximum of 3%. All amounts granted are fully funded by our programs.

The loans are provided for small projects which the women may need urgently in areas such children’s education, supporting parents, rental guarantee, various equipment, or health costs etc.

Because the women generally have not been outside of the prison system for a lengthy time, they often do not resources which would allow them to cover these costs, and are unable to acquire credit for from a reputable financial institution.

This often leaves the women with a feeling of helplessness and leaves them vulnerable to circumstances they may otherwise be able to avoid. Thus, this assistance program allows them to avoid contact with those who may wish to prey on this vulnerability usually via means of usurious rates, and often exerting psychological and physical threats to recover their loan.

Unlike a donation, microcredit helps empower these women and at the same time to avoid social exclusion. It is an important element in supporting their professional and social reintegration.